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The Integrated Access Control System for Door, Lift and Car park is suitable for medium to large size installation. It is designed with proven and reliable technology.

The Comprehensive reporting function enable user to generate various type of reports with criteria selection. For example, report for Late-Comer, Early-Leaver, Absenteeism, Early-Comer, Late-Leaver and OT. Also, the User friendly software contains a Dynamic Floor Plan features.

With the Built-In Visitor Management module, the system able to keep track visitor visiting the building.

This system is operates by access management software, it supports access management, automatic data collection, time attendance function, and Client-Server Version. It is easy to program and easy to maintain.

FeaturesDoor Controller FeaturesSoftware FeaturesConfiguration DiagramsOrdering InformationPC RequirementsFAQ
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 1. Efficient Design Suitable for medium to large size installation
 2. Distributed Multi Door Controller Architecture
  • One controller for each door
  • Onboard battery backed memory and clock
  • Can operate without PC being online
  • Use RS485 (2 wires) to network to controllers
  • 5/10/20 doors per controller
 3. Multi-Door Anti-passback
  • Multi-door anti-passback under one controller
  • Important for user tracking
  • Better control for zone restriction
 4. User-friendly software with dynamic floor plan
  • Outlook based user interface
  • Map display
  • User photo display
  • Can click on door icon for operation (easy to use)
 5. Comprehensive reporting functions
  • Generates various type of reports with criteria selection
  • Software user activities events logging
 6. Built-In Powerful Time Attendance Reporting
  • Analyze data to automatically produce standard attendance report
  • Can generate reports for late-comer, early-leaver, absenteeism, early-comer, late-leaver, and OT
  • Helps monitor the attendance of the staff
 7. Built-In Visitor Management Module
  • Keep tracks of visitor visitng the buildingt
  • Can generate reports for visitor movement
 8. Reliable Technology
  • Design with proven and reliable technology
  • Built-in System Integrity Monitoring system for maximum reliability

AccessPortal XP-CPRO5/10/20 Door Controller Features

No Feature Functions
 1. Autonomy Distributed data and processing
 2. Downlink port 2 wire RS485
 3. Battery backed real time click Yes
 4. Onboard rechargeable battery Yes
 5. Card number 6 digits
 6. Continuous reads when door left open Yes
 7. Operating modes Card, PIN, or both
 8. Support tamper & buzzer at reader Yes
 9. Time Zone 255
 10. Time Set 255 each with 3 intervals
 11. Holidays 30
 12. Onboard watchdog circuit Yes
 13. Anti-passback Yes
 14. Configurable lock release time Yes (0-99 secs)
 15. Configurable door open time Yes (0-99 secs)
 16. Auto PIN Yes (10 Sets, 4 digits each)
 17. Auto Lock release by time zone Yes
 18. Card & PIN by time zone Yes
 19. Door release button Yes
 20. Exit push button time zone control Yes
 21. Door sense input Yes
 22. Cardholders

  • XPPRO05/10
  • XPPRO20

  • 10,000
  • 10,000
 23. Events

  • XPPRO05/10
  • XPPRO20

  • 20,000
  • 20,000
 24. RAM memory At least 128KByte
 25. RAM protected by On board battery Yes
 26. Firmware EPROM/flash memory At least 128KByte
 27. Addressing via dip switch Yes
 28. Onboard buzzer Yes
 29. Communication ports RS485
 30. Polarity protection for power connector Yes
 31. Power 12VDC
 32. Duress Alarm Yes
 33. Reader Interface Card MK800

AccessPortal XP-CPRO Software Features

No Features Functions
 1. Operating system Windows 95, 98, NT or higher
 2. Capacity Up to 320 doors
 3. Communication Multi-drop RS485
 4. No. of comm bus 1, 2, 4, (depending on model)
 5. Communication interface unit MCI-XPPRO
 6. Controller XP-C1000, XP-CPRO series
 7. Cardholders 5,000
 8. Operators 30
 9. Operator access levels 30
 10. Operator password Yes
 11. Access levels 255
 12. Holidays 30
 13. Time Zones 255
 14. Time Sets 255
 15. Intervals per time set 3
 16. Anti-passback Yes
 17. Time attendance
  • Single Day Daily Attendance Report
  • Monthly Summary Reporting
 18. Floor plan 30
 19. Floor plan breakthrough on alarm Yes
 20. GUI floor plan Yes
 21. User photo display Yes
 22. User-define PIN selection Yes
 23. PIN Yes
 24. Online events viewing Yes
 25. Online help Yes
 26. Shortcut keys Yes
 27. Automatic transaction logging Yes
 28. Event logging for all actions by operator Yes
 29. User define company name and logo display Yes
 30. Comprehensive report generation Yes
 31. Reporting based on staff number Yes
 32. Extension search for data Yes
 33. Housekeeping utilities Backup, restore, purging of events
 34. Individual or group door release from PC Yes
 35. DBASE IV database format Yes
 36. Multi-lingual support Yes (Optional)
 37. Remote Controlling through LAN/Modem Yes (Optional)
 38. Multi-workstation system Yes (Optional)


No Feature Functions
 1. XP-CPRO5 5 Door Access Controller
 2. XP-CPRO10 10 Door Access Controller
 3. XP-CPRO20 20 Door Access Controller
 4. XP-CPRO2L & Lift Access Controller (2 COP)
 5. MK800 Reader interface card MicroEngine XP-RDPRX & XP-RDPRX-K
 6. XP-RDPRX MicroEngine Proximity Reader
 7. ZP-REPRX-K MicroEngine Proximity Reader with LCD keypad
 8. MV-25 LAN Interface Unit
 9. MV-26 Modem Interface Unit
 10. MPS-30 Power Supply 13.8V/3A
 11. MPS-40 Power Supply 13.8V/3A with Low Power Cut Off
 12. MPC-100 Clamshell Proximity Card (1.9mm thick)
 13. MCI-XPPRO/1 XPPRO Software for controlling 1 unit of XP-C1000 or XP-CPRO series controller C/W signal converter
 14. MCI-XPPRO/16 XPPRO Software for controlling 16 unit of XP-C1000 or XP-CPRO series controller C/W signal converter
 15. MCI-XPPRO/REMOTE/16 XPPRO Software for controlling 16 unit of XP-C1000 or XP-CPRO series controller with Modem/LAN connectivity C/W signal converter
 16. MCI-XPPRO/32 XPPRO Software for controlling 32 unit of XP-C1000 or XP-CPRO series controller C/W signal converter (Requires 2 comm ports)
 17. MCI-XPPRO/64 XPPRO Software for controlling 64 unit of XP-C1000 or XP-CPRO series controller C/W signal converter (Requires 4 comm ports)
No Feature Functions
 1. Processor Intel Pentium III 733 MHz or better
 2. RAM 128 MB or larger
 3. Harddisk At least 50MB for program and 500MB for storage
 4. Display 800×600 256 colors or better
 5. Peripherals 1 comm port
 6. Mouse Yes
 7. Keyboard Yes
 8. UPS Recommended to install
 9. OS Microsoft Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000 or compatible


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