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DesFire Plato Readers

DesFire Plato Readers

Plato-DF800KLS/ Plato-DF800S


  • Encrypted Serial RS485
  • High Security (64 bits Card ID + 64 bits CSN)
  • Touch Sense Keypad & LCD
  • 32 bit Processor for Faster Reading
  • Built In Tamper Switch
FeaturesOrdering InformationConfiguration DiagramDocumentation
No Features DF800S DF800KLS
1. Card Type Mifare DesFire / DesFire Ev1
2. Encrypted Card ID Yes. (In Encrypted File Securedly Created in the Card)
3. Encrypted Reading Yes
4. Card Serial Number (CSN) Yes. Read Together with Card ID
5. RS485 to Controller Yes. Encrypted. (Not Unsecured Wiegand Type)
6. Processor 32 bit RISC for Faster Response Time
7. Tamper Switch Yes. (High Endurance Optical Type)
8. Beeper Indicator Yes
9. Keypad Yes
High Sensitivity Touch Sense
10. LCD Yes (Graphic) No
11. Dimension 131mm x 100mm x 30mm 120mm x 90mm x 28 mm
No Product Code Description
1. Plato-DF800S DesFire Card Reader
2. Plato-DF800KLS DesFire Card Reader with Touch Sense Keypad and Graphic LCD
3. XP-GLS5000 Encrypted IP DesFire 5 Door Controller
4. XP-GLS130 Encrypted IP DesFire 1 Door Controller
5. XP-GLS300 Encrypted IP DesFire 1 Door Controller
6. MPC-D10Ev1 Mifare DesFire Card Ev1
7. MCI-DF-PGM Mifare DesFire Desktop Programming Unit
8. MPS-320 Power Supply Unit with Charger and Low Power Cutoff
9. MAS-600EMS MicroEngine EM Lock 600lbs
10. MAS-PB33 MicroEngine Wide Exit Button
11. MAS-MC MicroEngine Door Sensor
12. MCI-XPNETHS/Lite xPortalNet HS Lite High Security System Software – Multi-Client & Based on .Net Technology
13. MCI-XPNETHS/Std xPortalNet HS Std High Security System Software – Multi-Client & Based on .Net Technology


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