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Lift System

Lift System


The XP-CPRO2L lift access controller can be used to control the access to the levels in the building. It uses the Mio-R16 to control the access to each of the floor. Each card holder is assigned with a floor zone setting which contains the information of how he/she can access to each of the level.

You may configure that the card holder only able to access to a certain levels but denied entry into others.

The XP-CPRO2L lift access control system can be used together with other MicroEngine’s door access equipments under the management of a single software system – xPortal2007 or xPortalNet. In this way, the accessibility of the card holder into each of the area including the control inside the lift can be managed from a single point.

Access Portal XP-CPRO2L FeaturesFAQ
No Features Functions
1. Autonomy Distributed data and processing
2. Downlink 2 wire RS485
3. No of CDP 2
4. No of floor 64/COP
5. Battery backed real time clock Yes
6. Onboard rechargable battery Yes
7. Card Number 6 Digits
8. Continuous reads when door left open Yes
9. Operating modes Card only
10. Time Zone 255
11. Time Set 255 each with 3 intervals
12. Holidays 30
13. Onboard Watchdog Circuit Yes
14. Auto lock release by time zone Yes
15. Cardholders 10,000
16. Events 20,000
17. RAM memory At least 128 KByte
18. RAM protected by on board battery Yes
19. Firmware EPROM / flash memory At least 128 KByte
20. Addressing via switch Yes
21. Onboard buzzer Yes
22. Communication ports RS485
23. Polarity protection for power connector 4 digits
24. Power 12VDC
25. Relay interface unit MTR16
26. Reader interface unit MK800


1. I want to configure Lift Floor Access using XP-SNET. How to configure the setup?


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