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Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System


Computerized Visitor Management System which is specially designed to keep track of visitor coming and going out of the premises. With this system you will be able to expedite the visitor registration process, determine who is still inside of your facility and notify the system users once the banned visitor intends to sign in or sign out.

This system is utilizes the latest technology which can enhance the security in the facility. Staff and visitor will feel more secured and being protected, it will create great first impression to visitor and enhance the corporate image.

This system is utilized Client-Server mode, it supports up to 4 guard operating terminals.Bahasa Malaysia and English versions are available in the Guard Operation Module. It helps to improve the user acceptance rate and training period.


Simple version record simple personal particulars, faster registrations, Client-Server, Bahasa Malaysia & English Version available.


Advance version, more verifications, more accurate, Client-Server, English version available.

(suitable for organization that needs more data verification for the visitors, e.g. For highly confidential building or area, like government sector, banking sector, hospital, TEDM, chemistry industrial and etc.)

BenefitsProblems of Manual RecordingVMS FeaturesConfiguration DiagramOrdering InformationPC RequirementsDocumentationFAQ

Benefits of microVMS

No Item Benefits
 1. MyKAD Technology
  • Using MyKAD reader to read personal details in the MyKAD
  • Quick and accurate way to verify visitor’s identity
 2. Act of Management People less likely to commit and offence
 3. Ease of Management
  • Easy, fast and highly secure method to sign in/out the visitor
  • Automatically record visitor in/out time
  • Quickly and easily determine the visitors still inside the facility
  • Block visitor records
  • Able to produce report of visitor activities
 4. Latest Technology
  • Based on the Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Multi-Terminal ( Client / Server ) System
No Item Description
 1. No Proper Records
  • One can simply write a name and give different identity
  • Difficult to track visitor in/out time
  • Record book can be misplaced easily
  • Hand written records can be difficult to read
 2. Do Not Have Tight Control
  • No initiative to check and verify visitor
  • Possible exposure of visitor’s personal particulars
 3. Written Details – Limit of Use Hard to trace and verify visitor’s identify
 4. No right to retain visitor’s IC / Driving License -
No Features Functions
1. Automatic reading data from MyKAD Yes (Only read the data appeared on the card)
2. Software user with password and menu access control Yes
3. Visitor Transaction Records Yes (With auto added and auto complete features)
4. Floor Control Yes (In and Out Time)
5. Previous Visitor Records Yes
6. Block and Un-Block Visitor Function Yes (Guard Operation Module)
7. Block and Un-Block Visitor Report Yes
8. Who’s Still In Report Yes
9. Comprehension Visitor Transaction Report Yes
10. User-Friendly Interface Design Yes (Step-by-step)
11. Yes (Step-by-step) Yes (Administration and Guard Operation Module)
12. Bahasa Malaysia and English Version Yes (Guard Operation Module)
13. Online Help Yes
14. Microsoft .NET technology Yes (.NET v1.1)
15. Client / Server Edition Yes
16. Database (Non-File Sharing Basis) – High Security Yes (.NET v1.1)
17. Barcode scanner to read the I.C. No. from existing I.C. Yes

No Item Descriptions
1. MCI-microVMS microVMS Visitor Management System Server Software (Client/Server Edition)
  • Multiple computer access
  • Supports up to 4 clients
  • Access database
  • c/w one (1) unit of MCI-microVMS/L

2.MCI-microVMS/LOne(1) unit of client license pack for microVMS Visitor Management System – c/w one(1) unit of XP-MYKADDUSB MyKAD reader3.XP-MYKADDUSBDesktop USB MyKAD reader4.XP-RDBCDSCPS/2 port barcode scanner

No Product Code Descriptions Client Server
1. CPU Intel Pentium IV 1.0 MHz or higher  tick
Intel Pentium IV 1.7 MHz or higher tick
2. RAM 512 SDRAM or higher tick tick
3. Harddisk 40GB tick tick
4. Monitor 1024×768 (65536 colors) or better tick tick
5. Peripherals 1024×768 (65536 colors) or better tick tick
6. OS Microsoft Windows 2000/XP or compatible tick
Microsoft Windows 2000 PRO/ XP PRO or compatible tick
7. .NET Framework V1.1 Required (Comes with installation disk or can be obtained from the Microsoft Website) tick tick
8. Database Microsoft Access tick tick

Visitor Management System Computer-Requirements


1. How do I configure software for visitor management system



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