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Featured Products

MicroEngine’s Multi-Function Management system is specially designed with proven and advanced reliable technology that operates by very powerful software and provides great flexibility.

MicroEngine’s Multi Function Access Control System is flexible, efficient and powerful system software that offers great versatility. xPortalNet comes with DesFire High Security System Software that supports full DesFire 64-bit card system up 20 digits Card Serial Number (CSN) and Card ID (CID).


MicroEngine offers a wide range of controllers from our latest technology cloud-based controller to basis Encrypted IP, Biometric, Serial Multi Door and Single Door controllers comes with the highest quality and most technologically advanced yet most cost-effective solution. Such as SNet, M Series, C Series and PoE controller

MicroEngine offers a full range of readers that come in different frequencies that able to reads Dynamic QR code to basic proximity, this giving you the choice of using under different requirements.

MicroEngine provides a range of accessories that can complement] our products for maximum security.

MicroEngine has a range of I/O board that allow easy interface with others modules.

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