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Readerless Access Control System

Readerless Access Control System


Designed with convenience and hassle-free operation in mind, the Readerless Access Control System is a cloud based access control system employing Internet-of-Things technology to make accessing frequently used doors a walk in the park.In the system, the controller will require internet access (typically by connecting the controller to a mobile SIM broadband modem), and to gain access, users will require a smartphone capable of installing the CloudAccess application available on Google Playstore. The core piece of the system is the software running on cloud computing facilities, which will facilitate communication between the controller and the CloudAccess application.Due to the innate cardless nature of the system operation, the system is requiring very low cost to install, operate, and maintain. You no longer have to worry about the mounting cost to replace damaged or missing access cards!

The free-to-use CloudAccess application is also able to provide vital door monitoring information such as “Door Left Open” or “Door Forced Open” statuses from the controller.

Access security comes in the form of a pre-configured 6-digit PIN tied to the operation of the CloudAccess application. Without the PIN, unauthorised parties will not be able to gain access to the door.

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