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xPortalNet HS v2.0

xPortalNet HS v2.0


xPortalNet HS v2.0

DesFire High Security System Software supports full DesFire 64-bit card system with 20 digits Card Serial Number (CSN) and Card ID (CID).

xPortalNet HS v2.0Features

  • 20 Digits (Full DesFire 64-bit CSN and Card ID)
    Higher Security by recording both DesFire Card Serial Number (CSN) and the Card ID (CID), with 20 digits each. This captures the Full 64-bit number. The system will track the CID with the CSN to ensure that the the card matches the full record. Identification not just by CSN.
  • DesFire Security Profile Configuration
    Full support of DesFire Security Profile Configuration in the software. This allows the user to have maximum control of the security key setting and change it whenever they want to. Programming of the cards can be done through the desktop card programming unit.
  • Alarm Monitoring & Lift Controller
    Supports up to 512 inputs / 256 outputs / 256 LED Mimic outputs with event programming. User notification can be achieved through client applications, email and SMS for maximum flexibility.
    Control of up to 96 floors per lift. Support multiple lobby implementations for large scale projects.
  • CCTV Integration
    Tightly integrated to MicroEngine’s line of DVDs for viewing and capturing purposes. DVDs and CCTVs will be shown on the floor plan to ease identification and management.
  • Visitor Management System (VMS)
    Integrated VMS module to enable control and recording of visitors. Optional VMS module to generate QR Code as the Visitor ID and send to the visitor’s mobile phone. Optional VMS kiosk system for self-service visitor registration and sign in.
  • Floor Plan
    Comprehensive floor plan control to enable easy viewing and control device of status.
  • Time Attendance
    Comprehensive configurations to allow the maximum flexibility in shift and allowance settings. Supports multiple and overnight shifts. Allow for further customisations to suit customer’s requirements.
  • Web Server Support
    IIS8.5 with ASP.NET allows user to login using the web browser from any part of the world.
FeaturesConnectivity SetupOrdering InformationPC RequirementsDocumentation
No Item Features
1. Client Server Yes. Up to 20 Clients.
2. System Door Access/Lift Access/Car Park/Alarm Monitoring/Guard Tour
3. Card Holder 100,000  (20 digits)
4. No. of Door / Readers 1024 Doors / 2048 Readers
5. No. of Inputs / Outputs 1024 Inputs / 1024 Outputs
6. Time Set / Time Zone 1024
7. System Users Unlimited
8. Software Access Control Yes.  User Configurable Command Level Access Control.
9. Floor Plan System Yes. Dynamic & with Camera Icon.
10. Database Supported MS SQL Server / Oracle
11. OS Microsoft Windows 2008/2012 Server 64-bit
12. Microsoft .Net Yes
13. Communication Supported LAN / RS485
14. Controller Supported ⦁ XP-GLS5000 – Encrypted IP DesFire 5 Door Controller
⦁ XP-GLS130 – Encrypted IP DesFire 1 Door Controller
⦁ XP-GLS300 – Encrypted IP DesFire 1 Door Controller
15. Time Attendance Yes. Non-Overnight.
16. Real Time Export Yes. User Configurable.
17. Model xPortalNet HS Lite, xPortalNet HS Standard, xPortalNet HS Pro, xPortalNet HS PS

* The feature listed here are for the software only. It depends on the choice of the hardware system such as controller, I/O board, readers and computer system for it to work. Kindly contact our representatives for further clarifications.

No Product Code Description
1. XP-GLS5000 Encrypted IP DesFire 5 Door Controller
2. XP-SNet-E5DS 5 Door GLS Extension Board
3. XP-SNet-E32R 32 Relay Output Extension Board
4. XP-SNet-E248S 24 Supervised Input & 8 Relay Output Extension Board
5. XP-GLS130 Encrypted IP DesFire 1 Door Controller
6. XP-GLS300 Encrypted IP DesFire 1 Door Controller
7. PiO-S248 24 Supervised Input & 8 Relay Output Alarm Controller
8. PiO-R24 24 Relay Output Controller
9. Pio-L32 32 LED Driver Controller (for Mimic Panel)
10. MK801 Door Interface
11. Plato-DF800S DesFire Reader
12. Plato-DF800KLS DesFire Reader with Touch Sense Keypad & Graphic LCD
13. xPortalNet HS Lite xPortalNet HS Lite Software c/w 1 USB Key (Special Edition)
3 Client Version, Up to 200 connections
Runs on Microsoft SQL Server Database
14. xPortalNet HS Std xPortalNet HS Standard Software c/w 1 USB Key
3 Client Version, Up to 200 connections
With Data Partitioning
15. xPortalNet HS / RC xPortalNet HS Remote Communication Gateway
Add 100 connections capacity to xPortalNet
Load balancing for more robust operation
Runs on Windows Server 2008/2012 64 bit
No System Requirements
1. CPU (Minimum) Xeon E5506 2.13Ghz
2. RAM (Minimum) 16 GB
3. OS Microsoft Windows 2008 / 2012 Server 64 bit
4. Microsoft.Net Framework v2.0 Yes
5. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Yes (at least standard version)
6. Ethernet Yes
7. Serial Port Yes
8. Display
(1024 x 768 x 16 bit colours)
9. Mouse / Keyboard Yes
10. UPS (recommended) Yes
11. Hard disk (minimum free space) 500 GB
12. USB Port Required for Software Key
PC Client
No System Requirements
1. CPU (Recommended) Intel Core 2 Duo E8400, 3.0 GHz or higher
2. RAM (minimum) 4 GB
3. OS Microsoft Win 7/ Win 10/ Win Server 64 bit
4. Microsoft .Net Framework v2.0 Yes
5. Ethernet Yes
6. USB Port / Serial Port Optional
(Required for USB desktop reader / serial port card reader)
7. Display
(1024 x 768 x 16 bit colours)
Yes. Higher Resolution Required for CCTV.
8. Mouse / Keyboard Yes
9. Hard Disk (Free Space) 50GB
Toilet Cubicle