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21 Fingerprint template retrieve result window

This article contains descriptions about fingerprints template retrieval result window.

22 Fingerprints templates configuration

This article contains related guidelines if using XP-GT controller model which support fingerprints.

23 Get error message "Invalid [Programming Mode]" when saving the Mifare Card Options settings

This article contains solution of problem on saving Mifare Card Options settings.

24 How can I use Card+Pin Mode for XP-M1000i controller?

This article contains steps to apply Card+Pin Mode for XP-M1000i controller.

25 How do I add fire alarm panel to XP-GT/ XP-GTR controller?

This articles contains steps to add fire alarm panel at XP-GT/ XP-GTR controller.

26 How do I change controller's verification mode to Card+Pin mode at software?

Every card will have its own four-digit CardPIN. In Card+PIN Operation Mode, users need to enter the CardPIN after flashing the card to the reader. This provides higher security.This article contains steps to setup the Verification Mode of Door Access to Card+Pin.

27 How do I prevent error message "Unable to read Mifare card settings! Authentication fail" from showing up when I want to read Card No.?

This article contains solution on problem authentication fail during read Card No.

28 How to add floor plan to the Client software?

This article contains steps to add Floor Plan in xPortalNet.

29 How to add program exception into Antivirus?

This article contains steps to add program exception/ exclusion into antivirus.

30 How to add staff record using Import Staff in xPortal Client software?

This article contains steps to import staff record in the software. This menu allow you to add staff by importing the staff records using excel or text file.