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XP-M2000i connection problem when using RS485/ RS232 connection
Author: Microengine Views: 5877 Created: 21-02-2017 01:27 PM 0 Rating/ Voters

This article contains steps to solve the issue connection of XP-M2000i "Down" when using RS485/ RS232 connection.

Applies To:

  • XP-M2000i
  • Software xPortal2005 v1.3, xPortalNet, xPortal3000

› Controller down.
› No connection between controller and software.


› Controller status showing "Down" from the Device List at the xPortal software.
› No communication between controller and software.
› No transaction shown at the software.
› Beep sound keeps producing from the controller.

 Cause (optional)

› Incorrect Uplink wiring connection from the controller to the PC.
› RS485/ RS232 cable is not working properly.
› Incorrect connection setting is configured.
› Incorrect controller's Unit No is set in the software.
› Software is block by Windows Firewall.

 Resolution Summary
  1. Check the Uplink wiring connection.
    1. Check the RS232/ RS485 cable is working properly.

  2. Then set the controller's address. Make sure the address is unique and different with other controller units.
  3. Configure the firewall to allow the communication between software and controller.
  4. Configure the controller's at the software correctly.
    1. Check the COM No used. 
    2. Configure the Connection, Controller and Door setup.

To solve above issues, please find the solution from the following article:

small How to configure the XP-M2000i controller using RS485/ RS232 connection?

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  • Summary: This article contains steps to solve the issue connection "Down" when using RS485/ RS232 connection.
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