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XP-M1000i controller down
Author: Microengine Views: 17445 Created: 01-07-2016 09:24 AM 0 Rating/ Voters

This article contains steps to solve problem XP-M1000i controller down.

Applies To:

  • XP-M1000i
  • Software xPortal2005 v1.3 and above, xPortalNet, xPortal3000    

› Controller down. 
› No communication from controller to the software (no transaction).


Any of the followings:


  1. Beep sound keeps producing from the controller.
  2. Uplink status:
    1. If using network: Yellow LED at network cable did not blinking.
    2. If using MCI: MCI's LEDs L2 is always "off" or L6 is "not blinking".


  1. Controller status showing "Down" from the Device List at the xPortal software.
  2. No transaction shown at the xPortal Software. 

 Cause (optional)

Any of the followings:


  1. Test Mode (JP6) jumper at the XP-M1000i board is shorted.
  2. Uplink:
    1. If using network: Network cable (LAN/ RJ45) is not connected properly to the LAN socket/ Network cable faulty.
    2. If using MCI: Incorrect MCI wiring connection to PC/ MCI Faulty


  1. Incorrect software setting (Using network) 
    1. Controller's IP Address is not unique.
    2. Incorrect Web Diagnostic setting.
    3. Incorrect Remote IP Address configured at Connection Setup.

  2. Incorrect software setting (Using MCI) 
    1. Incorrect Comm No & Baud Rate is selected at Connection Setup.

 Resolution Summary

Perform resolution according to the symptoms occurred:

  1. Please open Test Mode (JP6) jumper from the XP-M1000i board. 
  2. Please check the Uplink Connection is correct.
  3. Please check the software setting is correct.

Please follow the following steps to solve the issue.

Test Mode (JP6) Jumper

  1. Please set the Test Mode (JP6) jumper to open condition.
  2. If this jumper is in shorted/ closed condition, the controller will keep producing beep sound.

Uplink Connection

If using LAN Connection

  1. Please connect the network cable to the network socket from the XP-M1000i board.
  2. Please ensure the Yellow LED at the network cable is blinking upon controller's power up.

If using RS485 Connection

  1. Please connect the terminal C+ C- from the MCI to the terminal uplink PC+ PC- from the XP-M1000i.

  2. Please set the Baud Rate jumper correctly.  

    1. 2400 - Open jumper JP3 and JP4.
    2. 9600 - Short jumper JP3 and open jumper JP4.
    3. 19200 - Open jumper JP3 and short jumper JP4.

Software Setting

If using LAN Connection

  1. Please configure the network setting from the software correctly. See steps from small How to configure network setting for XP-M1000i controller?
  2. Please configure the Server settings correctly.
  3. Please make sure IP Address assigned to the controller is unique. 
If using MCI Connection

  1. Please configure the software settings correctly. See steps from small How to configure the XP-M1000i controller using RS485/ RS232 connection?
  2. Please make sure the Baud Rate selected from the Connection Setup is similar to Baud Rate jumper settings configured from the MCI.
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  • Summary: This article contains steps to solve problem XP-M1000i controller down.
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