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Wiring connection for XP-M1000x using RS485 connection
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This article contains steps to connect XP-M1000x reader using RS485 connection.

Applies To:

  • XP-M1000x, XP-M1000ABX, XP-M1300X, XP-M1300ABX, XP-M1000XE, XP-M1000CPX
  • XP-SR1000
  • Software xPortal2005, xPortal2007, xPortalNet, xPortal3000
 Resolution Summary
Hardware configuration
MCI to ControllerPlease connect PC+ PC- (MCI) to C+ C- (Controller)
RS485 ConnectionPlease connect RS485 cable from the MCI to the PC
J2 Jumper at MAS-RBU relay boardPlease set the jumper to open condition
Mode Jumper at controllerPlease set the jumper to open condition
Controller's Address NoPlease set the controller address (The Address No must be unique)

Software configuration
Connection SetupPlease select correct MCI Comm Port Number & Baudrate/ Speed
Controller SetupPlease select correct Connection and Model No, set correct controller's Unit No 
Door SetupPlease set door's Unit No to 0


Perform the following steps:

Hardware Configuration

  1. MCI to Controller - Please connect PC+ P- (MCI) to C+ C- (Controller)
  2. RS485 Connection - Please connect RS485 cable from the MCI to the PC

  3. J2 Jumper at relay board - Please set the jumper to open condition
  4. Mode Jumper at controller - Please set the jumper to open condition

    For high resolution image, please download the attached wiring diagram at the end of this article.

  5. Controller's Address No - Please set the controller address (The Address No must be unique) 

    1. Enter small Programming Mode.
    2. Press '1' for Sys menu.
    3. Press '6' for General Para. This will bring us to the General Parameter Setting screen.
      This screen lets user change the address setting of the controller. An address is a unique number assigned to the controller in a system to differentiate between controllers. For system that uses direct RS232 connection, the address number must be set to 00. System that has MCI can set addresses starting from 00 up to 15, depends on the number of controllers connected to the system. 
    4. Enter two digits value for the address setting and press '#' to confirm and proceed to next screen.
    5. Press '#' to confirm saving changes and return to System menu.

Software Configuration

  1. Connection Setup - Please select correct MCI Comm Port Number & Baudrate/ Speed
    1. Run xPortal Server.
    2. Add new Connection. Server Admin › Connection Setup.
    3. Please select the Comm No similar to the MCI Comm Port detected from Device Manager.
    4. Please select the correct Baudrate/ Speed.
      See small How to set Baudrate setting on MCI? to set the Baudrate/ Speed

  2. Controller Setup - Please select correct Connection and Model No, set correct controller's Unit No 
    1. Add new Controller. Server Admin › System Device › Setup Controller.
    2. Select correct Connection, Unit No and Model No.

    3. Please make sure the Unit No set in the Controller Setup is similar with the address assigned for the controller. small Refer Controller's Address No Setup

  3. Door Setup - Please set door's Unit No to 0
    1. Add new Door. Server Admin › System Device › Setup Door.
    2. Select correct Controller.
    3. Unit No must be 0 as this is single-door controller.

    4. Once finished all configuration setup, the controller shall be "Up" and connected with the software.
    5. Finished.
m1000x-wiring-diagram.pdf 71.2 Kb Download File
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  • Summary: This article contains steps to connect XP-M1000x reader using RS485 connection.
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