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How to use Mifare Card Programming for Bulk Write?
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This article contains steps to use Mifare Card Programming for Bulk Write.

Applies To:

  • XP-Plato C80KLs, Mifare Card  
  • Software xPortal3000     

 Resolution Summary

To program Mifare Card using Bulk Write:  

  1. Please connect the programming reader to the PC. 
  2. Perform Mifare Card Configuration Setup. 
  3. Perform Mifare Card Programming (Bulk Write).       


Perform steps below to program/ write card in bulk.

The Bulk Write Card is used when you want to program Card No. in bulk.


  1. Please connect the programming reader to the PC. See small Wiring Guideline for Programming Reader (Program Mifare Card).
  2. Perform Mifare Card Configuration Setup Step 1 until Step 3 from article small How to setup Mifare Card Options Programming Mode to Read and Write Card No?

Mifare Card Programming (Bulk Write)

  1. Open Staff Records.
  2. Open Mifare Card Programming › Click Bulk Write Card.
  3. "Select User" window will be shown.

  4. Filter staff records for the Card No. to be program and then click OK to proceed.
  5. "Bulk Write Card" window will be shown. small Detail description of Bulk Write Card option.

  6. Click Start button to start the card programming.
  7. The following window will be shown to prompt you to place a card on the programmer:

  8. Place a Mifare card to the programmer. 
    1. The card programming shall be started after the card is detected. 
    2. Notice that the Card Serial No. is detected from the staff list grid and the progress area.

      Staff List Grid

      Progress Area

  9. Estimated waiting time for an enrollment to complete is approximately 2 seconds. 
    1. Once the card successfully enrolled, the following window shall be shown to prompt to place next card on the programmer.
    2. Notice that some section are changed after the card enrollment is completed.

      Field Description
      1 Card serial no. detected and status updated of the card enrolled is shown.
      2 Progress of the card programmed.
      3 Summary bar of all cards programmed.
  10. Place another Mifare card on the programmer and repeat steps 8-10 until the programming process completed.
  11. Once all Cards No. have been written, the following window shall be shown:

  12. All records status shall be highlighted in green color and the pop up message will show no error indicating the written process is success and completed.
  13. Software will prompt to save the writing process details upon close the window as shown below:

  14. Click Yes to save the result of this bulk card programming.
  15. Finished.
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  • Summary: This article contains steps to use Mifare Card Programming for Bulk Write.
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