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Configuration Setup for XP-M1000x (Car Park Mode)
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This article contains the configuration setup for XP-M1000x using Car Park Mode.

Applies To:

  • XP-M1000x, XP-M1000ABX, XP-M1300X, XP-M1300ABX, XP-M1000XE, XP-M1000CPX  
 Resolution Summary

Wiring Connection

  1. Please connect XP-M1000x to the MAS-RBU relay board and reader correctly.
  2. For Car Park Mode, it is required to install 2 MAS-RBU relay boards to connect it with Entry Barrier and Exit Barrier.
  3. After connected to a power supply with 12Vdc, 3A, please turn on the Reader power.
  4. Please ensure the J1 and J2 jumper setting is correct on both MAS-RBU relay board.

Configure Car Park Mode

  1. Please turn on Car Park Mode on the controller.


Please complete the following steps below:

Wiring Connection
In this section will provide steps to configure wiring connection for Car Park Mode.

For high resolution image, please download the attached wiring diagram at the end of this article.

XP-M1000x to Reader Wiring Connection 

Field Description
XP-M1000x to Reader
  1. Please connect the following reader connection according to its label. Please make sure the same label is connected on both side.
  2. Please turn on the reader power after connected to the power supply with 12Vdc, 3A.
Entry Reader: 

small         small
XP-M1000x             Entry Reader

Exit Reader: 
small        small
Exit Reader             XP-M1000x

XP-M1000x to Uplink If using RS485 Link:

Please connect the MCI to the C+ and C- terminal on the controller.

If using RS232 Link:

Please connect the RS232 cable to the terminal TX, RX and 0V on the controller.

XP-M1000x to MAS-RBU Wiring Connection

Field Description
1 To set as Entry Barrier, please short/ close jumper J1 on MAS-RBU.
2 To set as Exit Barrier, please open jumper J1 and J2 on MAS-RBU.
3 XP-M1000x to MAS-RBU relay board:
  • Please connect from terminal +12V and 0V to the terminal +12 and 0V.
  • Please connect from terminal DC+ and DC- to the terminal RB+ and RB-.
  • Please connect to a functional MAS-RBU relay board.


  • Please connect from terminal P/B to Push Button.
  • Please connect from terminal D/S and 0V to Loop Detector.
  • Please connect from terminal L/CM+ and L/NO to Barrier.
Please make sure the terminal output from MAS-RBU to loop detector is producing correct voltage level.

Configure Car Park Mode

  1. Power up the controller power.
  2. Enable the Card Park Mode from the General Parameter Setting on the controller.
    1. Enter small Programming Menu.
    2. Press '1' for Sys menu.
    3. Press '6' for General Para. This will bring us to the General Parameter Setting screen.
    4. Press '0' to toggle between settings until see System Mode menu as shown below.

    5. There are three available modes:-
      1. DA – Door Access Mode
      2. CP – Car Park Mode
      3. TA – Time Attendance Mode

    6. Press '0' to cycle from one Mode option to another. The default value is 'DA'. 
    7. Please select 'CP' mode. Press '#' to confirm and proceed to next screen.
    8. Press '#' to confirm saving changes and return to System menu.

    9. Finished.
m1000x-connection-for-car-park-application.pdf 72 Kb Download File
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  • Summary: This article contains the configuration setup for XP-M1000x using Car Park Mode.
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