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How to enable antipassback settings for multi-door controller?
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This article contains steps to enable AntiPassback settings for multi-door controller. AntiPassback function is to prevent Double Entry or Double Exit access through a door or area.

Applies To:

  • XP-M2000i, XP-SNET     

 How to enable AntiPassback settings for multi-door controller?   

 Resolution Summary
» Enabling AntiPassback function will take effect to all doors under the control of that controller. Follow steps below to activate the function.

Step 1: Go to Client and enable the AntiPassback function at the Controller Setup.

Step 2: Then, user can enable/ disable the AntiPassback function for selected staff at the Staff Records.
*This is applicable to XP-M1000i and XP-M2000i only.
AntiPassback is enabled by default. Disabling this feature will omit user from violating AntiPassback feature if user accidentally double entry or double exit.

Step 3: After that, go to Door Setup. Modify it and set the Entry and Exit Zone Code. 

Step 4: Perform physical transaction to ensure the settings is correct.

Step 5: Monitor the Latest Event List, clear the AntiPB if user has violated AntiPassback.

Perform following steps accordingly.

Step 1: Enabling AntiPassback Function

  1. Login to xPortal Client. Make sure controller already up.
  2. Open Controller Setup. Go to Data Setup › System Setting › Controller.
  3. Following window will be shown.

  4. At AntiPassback Function Enabled, select "Yes".
  5. At Advanced Controller Setting, you may set following field or leave the default value:

    1. Auto AntiPassback Reset Mode (This field is to specify mode to clear antipassback status automatically)
      1. Not Used OR 
      2. Reset All Card Holders

    2. Auto AntiPassback Reset Time (This field is to specify time (HH:MM) to execute AntiPassback reset)
      1. Set the time to reset the antipassback violation

  6. Click OK to confirm and save changes.

    small  Auto AntiPassback Reset Mode & Auto AntiPassback Reset Time applicable to XP-M1000i, XP-M2000i & XP-SNET only 

Step 2: Configure AntiPassback in Staff Records 
*This is applicable to XP-M1000i and XP-M2000i only.

  1. Open Staff Records. Go to Data Setup › Access Data Setting › Staff Records.
  2. Modify the staff records.
  3. Following window will be shown.

  4. Toggle the Antipassback field accordingly. This setting will take effect only if antipassback function has been enabled.

    1. Y - To enable the antipassback checking
    2. N - To disable the antipassback checking

  5. Click OK to confirm and save the changes.

Step 3: Configure Door Zone Code

  1. Open Door Setup. Go to Data Setup › System Setting › Door.
  2. Following window will be shown.

  3. Set the entry zone code and exit zone code accordingly:
Field Description
AntiPassback Entry Zone Code
  1. Specify code to be stored when card holders access through the Entry Reader of this door.
  2. Max value = 99
AntiPassback Exit Zone Code
  1. Specify code to be stored when card holders access through the Exit Reader of this door.
  2. This code must be different from the AntiPassback Entry Zone Code.
  3. Max value = 99

Door 1 - Entry Zone Code: 1, Exit Zone Code: 2
Door 2 - Entry Zone Code: 1, Exit Zone Code: 2

* The Entry and Exit Zone Code cannot be similar.

Details about Zone Code, see small How to configure Door Zone Code?

Step 4: Monitor Transaction

  1. Flash valid card at the reader and observe the Latest Event List. User should get valid entry/exit access as shown below.
  2. Then, try to flash the same card at the same reader. User shall get the following transaction.

    Double Entry at Entry Reader:

    Double Exit at Exit Reader:

  3. The right order to prevent antipassback violation is to flash card at the entry reader followed by exit reader.
  4. If user's card is in AntiPassback state, user will not be able to access the door until the state is cleared. Follow Step 5 below to clear the AntiPB Violation mode.

Step 5: Clear AntiPB

  1. To clear the card from AntiPB Violation mode, download Clear AntiPB setting to the controller. Go to Device Comm › Send Staff Setting › Select controller name › Clear AntiPB.
  2. Make a card holder selection or user can just download setting to all card holders by tick All Card.

  3. Flash card again and observe the transaction. User should be able to access the door.
  4. Finish.

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