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How to set Baudrate setting on MCI?
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This article contains steps to set the Baudrate setting on MCI.

Applies To:

  • XP-M1000x, XP-M1000ABX, XP-M1300X, XP-M1300ABX, XP-M1000XE, XP-M1000CPX
  • Software xPortal2005, xPortal2007, xPortalNet, xPortal3000     
 Resolution Summary
  1. Check the wiring connection of the MCI.
  2. Set the Baudrate setting similar to the Speed configured from Connection Setup.

    1. Check Baudrate Jumper Setting (MCI)
    2. Check Connection Setup (Software)
    3. Check EHD COMM Setting (Hardware)


Please perform steps below to set the Baudrate.

  1. Refer to the wiring connection diagram below. 
  2. Make sure your wiring connection is correct.

    MCI-PC & MCI-Controller wiring connection diagram

  1. Refer table below for Baudrate setting.
  2. Make sure the MCI Jumper Setting is correct.
    Baud Rate:
    Normal (2400bps)

    Controller Equivalent Setting:
    Advance Comm = OFF

    MCI Jumper Setting:
    Baud Rate:
    Advance (9600bps)

    Controller Equivalent Setting:
    Advance Comm = ON

    MCI Jumper Setting:
    Short/ Closed

  1. At the xPortal Server, open Connection Setup. Go to Server Admin › Connection Setup.
  2. At Speed selection, make sure to select the correct MCI speed as shown in the table above according to your MCI settings.
  3. Click OK to confirm and save the changes.

This steps applicable to any controller that has built-in programming mode.

  1. At the Controlleropen General Parameter and set the EHD COMM according to MCI speed settings.
  2. Enter the Programming Mode.
  3. Press '1' for Sys menu.
  4. Press '6' for General Para. This will bring us to the General Parameter Setting screen.
  5. Press '#' to proceed to next screen. 
  6. At EHD COMM screen, check and enter correct Comm mode. Ensure that Comm mode is same as MCI Baudrate/ Speed.

  7. Press '0' to cycle the option between 'OFF' for 2400 or 'ON' for 9600.
  8. The default value is 'OFF'. Press '#' to confirm and proceed to the next screen.
  9. Save the settings and reset the controller.
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  • Summary: This article contains steps to set the Baudrate setting on MCI.
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