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How to setup gateway configuration using MOXA - NPort Administrator?
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This article contains steps to setup the gateway configuration using MOXA - NPort's Administrator.

Applies To:

  • XP-M1000x, XP-M1000ABX, XP-M1300X, XP-M1300ABX, XP-M1000XE, XP-M1000CPX, XP-M1000i
  • Software xPortal2005, xPortal2007, xPortalNet, xPortal3000     
 Resolution Summary

Using MOXA (MV28) is another way of uplink communication between controller and software. This device can be supported by XP-M1000x and XP-M1000i controller. 

By connecting with MV28, user will be able to use LAN (Local Area Connection) with XP-M1000x controller which only support Serial Port Connection.

  1. Prior to the configuration, please check the MV28 is working fine and the network cable to connect is in good condition. 
  2. During the NPort Administrator and Server Setup configuration, please make sure both Server's IP Address configured is similar.
  3. Remember to assign unique IP Address for the controller to avoid connection's conflict with other device on the same network.


    Please perform steps below to configure MV28.

    Make sure the MV28 is properly connected.

    Power on the MV28› Check the LED (Ready) is turning on when power on

    › If the LED is off when power on, suspect the power cable of
     MV28 faulty
    Tighten plugged the Network cable into the MV28 & network router/ switches› Check the status indication (Link) on the MV28

    › It will be
     always blinking
    Connect the Serial Port properly from controller to the MV28› Check the Green (C+) & White (C-) wire is connected from Serial Port to the RS485 Uplink connection at the XP-M1000x controller

    › Check the status indication
     (Tx/Rx) on the MV28. It will be always blinking

    Make sure the setting for the MV28 unit is correct. 

    1. Open the NPort Administrator application. 
      1. By default the location is at Start › All Programs › NPort Administration Suite › NPort Administrator.

    2. The main window for the application is as shown below:

    3. From the main window, click Search   which could be located at the top left of the application window. A search window will appear as shown below, wait until the search finishes.
    4. Once finish a list of the available MV28 will appear on the configuration list. Select the appropriate MV28 for configuration setting and click Configure  button.

    5. A new window will appear called Configuration.

    6. Configure following settings.


    1. Select the Network tab and perform the following configuration stated below.

      Check Modify 1 › Input the IP Address which is dedicated for the MV28
      Check Modify 2› Input the Netmask and Gateway
      › Leave the IP Configuration, DNS Server 1 and DNS Server 2 as default
    2. Click OK to save setting.


    1. Next select the Serial tab and perform the following configuration.
    2. Check the box Modify, select the available port and then click Setting.

    3. A new window Serial Setting will appear.

      Baud Rate› Select 2400
      Flow Control› Change to None
    4. Click OK to save setting and quit window.

    Operating Mode

    1. Next select the Operating Mode tab and perform the following configuration.
    2. Check the box Modify and select the available port and click Setting.

    3. A new window Operating Mode will appear.

      Operating Mode› Select UDP Mode
      Local Listen Port› 6268
      UDP Mode Settings: Destination› Input the IP Address of the Server PC for the Begin and End

      › Set the port to 6268
    4. Other setting remain as default and click OK to save setting and quit window.
    5. Once all setting has been done, click OK and configuration for MV28 has been completed.

    Make sure the Setup in Server’s PC is correct.

    1. Login to xPortal Server and configure following setup.
    2. Make sure controller is already connected to the PC.
    Connection Setup

    1. Open Connection Setup. Go to Server Admin  Connection Setup.
    2. Add one connection as following.
    3. Set the Remote IP Address similar to the IP Address configured at small Network Settings from NPort Administrator Configuration.
    4. Click OK to confirm and save the changes.

      Controller Setup

      1. Open Controller Setup. Go to Server Admin  System Device Setup  Controller.
      2. Add one controller as following.
      3. Select the correct Connection, Model No and Network Type.
      4. Click OK to confirm and save the changes.

        Door Setup

        1. Open Door Setup. Go to Server Admin › System Device Setup › Door.
        2. Add one door as following.
        3. Set the Unit No to as this controller is single-door controller.
        4. Click OK to confirm and save the changes.

          Device List

          1. Open Device List from Main Menu.
          2. The software will be reloaded after saving each configuration. 
          3. Observe the Controller and Door Status.
          4. The Status should be "Up".

          5. Finished.
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