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Wiring connection diagram for XP-M1000i
Author: Microengine Views: 29859 Created: 08-06-2015 06:00 PM 0 Rating/ Voters

This article contains the wiring connection diagram for XP-M1000i.

Applies To:

  • XP-M1000i     
 Resolution Summary

Basic connection for the controller to communicate with the software:

  1. Connect the power terminal to the power supply.
  2. Configure the uplink connection (MCI/ LAN).
  3. Follow the wiring connection diagram to connect the other terminal correctly.
* This controller able to support up to 1 door only.


Please follow the following wiring connection diagram.

For high resolution image, please download the attached wiring diagram at the end of this article.

  1. Configure the wiring connection according to the table below.
  2. After complete the configuration, run software and configure the software settings. 
Power SupplyXP-M1000i to Power Supply
  • Connect terminal +12V and 0v to Power Supply (12VDC 3A)
  • Then short terminal Main to terminal +12V
EM LockXP-M1000i to EM Lock
  • Step 1: Connect terminal RL1+ to the terminal +
  • Step 2: Connect terminal RL1- to the terminal -
Door SensorXP-M1000i to Door Sensor
  • Step 1: Connect terminal DS1 to the terminal +
  • Step 2: Connect terminal S- to the terminal -
Push ButtonXP-M1000i to Push Button
  • Step 1: Connect terminal PB1 to the terminal +
  • Step 2: Connect terminal S- to the terminal -
Fire AlarmXP-M1000i to Fire Alarm (* If connected to the Fire Alarm)
  • Please connect the FR+ and FR- to the terminal Fire Alarm Input (Which connected to the door)
ReaderConnect the reader's terminal:
  • Power: Red and Black wire to the VPP and 0V terminal 
  • Data: Orange and Grey wire to the RC+ and RC- terminal 
Please configure the Plato reader's address:
UplinkUplink Connection:
Controller AddressSet the address on XP-M1000i
  • Find ADDR on the board. 
  • Toggle the DIP Switch to set the controller's address (Each address must be unique)

    * Follow 
    DIP Switch Address Settings table to set the address.
If user just received controller after repair, please small Coldstart the controller to reset the settings to default.

wiring-diagram-xp-m1000i.pdf 0.9 Mb Download File
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  • Summary: This article contains the wiring connection diagram for XP-M1000i.
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Comments 4
  • [Wong Nguo Sing]: Can M1000I connect with XP MK800 27-11-2016 05:47 PM #

    If Yes , How the wiring and configuration at xportalnet

  • [Microengine ]: Re: Can M1000I connect with XP MK800 29-11-2016 10:15 AM#

    Hi Mr. Wong Nguo Sing,

    Unfortunately this controller does not support with XP-MK800 yet. Kindly seek assistance from our sales person for more information regarding our products.

  • [Steve Lek]: How to connect XP-M1000i to fire alarm? 16-06-2016 08:17 PM #

    as title, how to connect XP-M1000i to fire alarm? and how to set?

  • [Microengine ]: Re: How to connect XP-M1000i to fire alarm? 27-06-2016 12:05 PM#

    Hi Mr. Steve Lek,

    1. Please connect the Fire Alarm Input (which connected to the door) to the terminal FR+ and FR- on XP-M1000i board as shown from this article.

    2. Then configure the Fire Alarm setting on the software as shown on the following article:

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