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How to reset the XP-GT/ XP-GTR controller to factory default setting? (Coldstart)
Author: Microengine Views: 11747 Created: 05-05-2015 02:47 PM 0 Rating/ Voters

This article contains steps to reset (Coldstart) the XP-GT/ XP-GTR controller to default setting. 

Applies To:

  • XP-GT1200L/ XP-GT3200L, XP-GT1200LABX/ XP-GT3200LABX, XP-GT3200LE, XP-GT3200LCPX, XP-GT500LE, XP-GTR1200L/ XP-GTR3200L
  1. Before powering up the device for the first time, please check that all the connection of the hardwares are connected properly according to the wiring diagram.
  2. When powering up the reader for the first time, be sure to perform a Coldstart operation. 
  3. Coldstart is a process that will erase all the memory in the device and reset all the settings to default. User only needs to do a Coldstart once for new installation unless advised to do so.   
This article will describes the steps to Coldstart the controller.

 Resolution Summary

Performing Coldstart will reset the XP-GT/ XP-GTR controller to manufacturer settings. To perform a Coldstart, please follow the steps below:

  1. Turn ON the power supply. The screen below will be shown.

  2. While the console is starting up, press the "#" button. You will be prompted with an option to Coldstart.
  3. Press 'small' if you wish to Coldstart the system, or "×" if you want to cancel.
  4. Press 'small' again if you would like to confirm the Coldstart
  5. Wait until the Coldstart process is finished and the console will enter Idle Mode.
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  • Summary: This article contains steps to reset (Coldstart) the XP-GT/ XP-GTR controller to default setting.
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