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How to configure Real-Time Export using xPortal2005?
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This article contains steps to configure the Real-Time Export using xPortal2005.

Applies To:

  • Software xPortal2005

 Transactions are not exported in real time.   


 Export Settings has been configured but no transaction files are exported.

 Cause (optional)

 Export Settings is not configured properly. 

 Resolution Summary
› To configure Real-Time Export:
› See Video Guide (Real-Time Export) for full steps.
Please perform steps below to configure Real-Time Export:

Export Format Setup
› Skip this step if you want to use the default export format

  1. Login to xPortal2005 Client.
  2. Open Transaction Reporting. (Go to Reports › Event Report › Transaction Reporting)
  3. Click button 
  4. The following window will be shown:

  5. Click Add to configure new export setting. 
    1. Enter the Profile Code and Profile Name.
    2. Select the File Type that you preferred.
    3. Set the Header, Row delimiter, Column delimiter and Text Qualifier.

  6. At Field Selection:
    1. Select the field to be included in the export file.
    2. Click Add.
    3. The selected field will be added to the Export Setting accordingly.
    4. You can see the format created and sample output transaction at the Output section.

      » You may change the Output order by toggle the Move Up or Move Down button.

  7. Click OK to confirm and save the changes.

Export Transaction Setup

  1. Login to xPortal2005 Server.
  2. Open Export Transaction(Go to Transaction › Export Transaction)
  3. The following window will be shown:

  4. Browse the Destination Folder and select the File Creation that you preferred.
    » File Creation is the way you determine how the system will generate the file name. The naming option is either By Day or By Hour only.
  5. Set the File Name Prefix that you preferred or leave as default.
  6. You can define the File Name Time Stamp that you preferred.

    » If File Creation chosen is By Day, the Available Format will not show the hour format.

  7. Choose the File Name Extension to be saved as .txt or .csv format.
  8. Choose the Export Format that you have created just now or select the Default format.
  9. Choose the Transaction Type to be exported.
    • Attendance Transaction (only Valid Entry/Valid Exit)
    • All Transactions
  10. Click Activate to activate the Real-Time export setting.
  11. Click Save to confirm and save setting.
  12. Click Close to finish.

View Export Transaction

  1. Go to Real-Time Export Destination Folder.
  2. You may open the exported transaction file accordingly.

Video Guide (Real-Time Export)

  1. This video guide will show you how to configure Real-Time Export in xPortal2005:

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  • Summary: This article contains steps to configure the Real-Time Export using xPortal2005.
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