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How to attach xPortalNet database to my SQL Server 2008 database?
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This article contains steps to attach database to the SQL Server 2008 database.

Applies To:

  • Software xPortalNet v1.5    

› How to attach database to my SQL Server 2008 database?          


Attach database is to use back the database that you have been detached before. Please make sure the physical folder at your Drive is exists. 
Eg: C:\ProgramData\MicroEngine\xPortalNet v1\Server\Database

Caution! Modifying database will affect the software behavior. Only perform this steps if you are familiar with the SQL database otherwise kindly request from your IT Technician for help.

To attach the database, please follow the steps below. Please follow all steps in right order and sequence. 

» This attach database steps also applicable for attach transaction database.

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio.

  2. The Connect to Server pop up window will be shown. Enter the Login ID and Password. Then click Connect.

    » The Login ID (Instance ID) and Password is created during Microsoft SQL Server 2008 installation. See AA-00290 for the installation step.     

  3. At the top left side menu, find the Databases folder and click the plus sign to expand the folder.

  4. The database that you are going to attach should not exists when you expand the Databases folder.

    » You may notice that the list of database shown is different. Database shown will be according to the database exists (after detach/ attach). 

  5. To attach the database, right click the Databases folder. Select Attach.

  6. The Attach Databases window will be shown as following.
  7. Click Add to browse the database file to be attached.

  8. Locate the database file and then click OK.

  9. The following window will be shown after the database files location has been located.
  10. Click OK to start attach the database.

  11. The window will automatically closed after the database is successfully attached.
  12. You should notice that the XPNDB database is already listed from the Databases list.

  13. You may run the software after finish attach the database.
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  • Summary: This article contains steps to attach database to the SQL Server 2008 database.
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