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How to install xPortal3000? (Fresh installation)
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This article contains steps to install xPortal3000 for the first time (Fresh Installation).

Applies To:

  • Software xPortal3000
  • Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8
  • Windows Server 2003/ Windows Server 2003 R2
  • Windows Server 2008/ Windows Server 2008 R2
 Resolution Summary

› Make sure the computer meets the requirements stated in System Requirement for xPortal3000. 
 Refer to the attached xPortal3000 Brochure at the end of this article for more details. 
 Make sure all software's Pre-Requisite has been installed.   
 Run the xPortal3000 installation CD to start the Server and Client installation. 
 See Installation Setup Video for guide.


Please complete the following steps to install xPortal3000 software: 


  1. Required xPortal3000 Installation CD.
  2. xPortal3000 USB Dongle (Required for Standalone/ Full Edition).
  3. Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (See AA-00275).

xPortal3000 Installation:

  1. Run the xPortal3000 installation CD.
  2. The launcher will automatically pop up when the CD is detected.
    » If the launcher is not shows up, you may open the CD from the Explorer.

  3. The following windows will be shown:

  4. Click INSTALL SERVER to start install the server. 
    1. Follow the wizard's instructions accordingly.

  5. Click INSTALL CLIENT to start install the client. 
    1. Follow the wizard's instructions accordingly.

  6. Open the Explorer to view the xPortal3000 user manual.
    1. Click the Launching from CD drive link provided.
    2. Please refer to the file named xPortal3000 User Manual.pdf for a complete installation steps.

      » If you have problem to open the file, please download the same file from the attached file at the end of this article.

  7. After successfully installed the Server and Client software, run the Service from the xPortal3000 Server Configuration Manager and you may login to the Client software afterwards.

Installation Setup Video:

  1. Watch this video guide for full xPortal3000 Installation Setup.

    xPortal3000-Brochure-Jan-2015.pdf 3.7 Mb Download File
    xPortal3000-User-Manual-Version-1.2.rar 7.4 Mb Download File
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    • Summary: This article contains steps to install xPortal3000 for the first time (Fresh Installation).
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