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Why get unlisted user when generate report?
Author: Microengine Views: 10573 Created: 10-03-2015 10:06 AM 0 Rating/ Voters

This article contains steps to fix problem getting "Unlisted User" upon generating report.

Applies To:

  • Software xPortal2005
  • Software xPortal2007
  • Software xPortalNet
  • Software xPortal3000     

› Daily/ monthly report record generated was inaccurate. 
 Get unlisted user when export transaction reporting.


 Daily/ monthly report record generated was inaccurate. 
 Transaction reporting generated shows "Unlisted User" as shown below.

 Cause (optional)
 Those card no. which are categorized as "Unlisted User" is either:

  1. Because the card no. has already installed in the controller but yet to be installed in the software.
  2. Because the card no. yet to be installed in both controller and software.

 Daily Attendance

  1. The "Unlisted User" will not be registered in the Staff Record database but the daily/ monthly attendance report will be generated based on staff record.
  2. Therefore, all transaction for "Unlisted User" will not be captured in daily/ monthly attendance report.
  3. In addition, any changes will not be reflected on the "Unlisted User" transaction. 

  1. For the past transaction which are "Unlisted User", only can be generate under Transaction reporting and cannot be found from daily/ monthly attendance report.
  2. Please install the card no. before used it. See AA-00279 to learn how to install card.
  3. The transaction will only then be able to be generated in daily/ monthly report for installed card/ user.
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  • Summary: This article contains steps to fix problem getting "Unlisted User" upon generating report.
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