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How to configure Door Accessibility in xPortal Client software?
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Door Accessibility can be setup by setting door and its Time Zone. This article contains steps to configure Door Accessibility.

Applies To:

  • Software xPortal2005, xPortal2007, xPortalNet, xPortal3000

 Resolution Summary

This section assumes the Door Setup, Time Set Setting and Time Zone Setup are completed. After all, now we can setup the door accessibility by setting door and its Time Zone. The Door Accessibility Level will be assigned to every card, thus the system can determine at which day and what time the Card Holder can access the door. 

The xPortalNet IS software supports 255 sets of Door Access Level except xPortalNet IS/7 where it can support up to 4080 sets of Door Access Level. 

By default, the system has 2 Door Access Levels, which is access code '000' and '001'. Door Access Level '000' is means no access to all doors whereas Door Access Level '001' allows full access to all doors. These default settings cannot be edited nor deleted.


Please complete the following steps in order to configure door accessibility:

  1. Run xPortal Client. Make sure the xPortal Server is already running and controller is up.
  2. Open Door Accessibility Setup.
    1. Go to Data Setup › Access Data Setting › Door Accessibility Schedule. 
    2. For xPortal3000, go to Control Panel › Door Accessibility.

  3. The menu as below will be shown. The upper list shows all the Door Access Level, and its respective door settings is displayed at the bottom.

  4. Click Add button to create a new Door Access Level. An Add Door Accessibility menu will be shown.

  5. Enter the information of the Door Access Level as described below:
    Field Description
    Door Access No An unique Door Access number. (range from 002-255)
    Code A short name that describes the Door Access Level.
    Description Longer description for the Door Access Level.
    Enable If you enable it, the system will check its accessibility time and day for card that had been assigned with this Door Access Level.
    Start/ End Date Activation date range of this Door Access Level. Uncheck the End Date field to enable the Door Access Level never expire.

  6. Click Is Selected checkbox button to categorize the door under this Door Access Level. Time Zone "001" will be assigned to the selected door automatically.

  7.  Anyway, you can click on the Time Zone cell to select other time zone of the door.
    Field Description
    Is Selected Determine whether the door should be included in this Door Access Level
    Door Name A preset door code that need to be attached to this Door Access Level
    Time Zone A preset Time Zone to determine the accessibility to the door

  8. After you have entered all the necessary fields, click OK to confirm and save settings. 
  9. The following window will be shown. Click OK to continue.

  10. The software will automatically send the Door Access setting to all controllers.  
  11. You will notice that the following window will be shown. It is because the door in used is a single door controller. You can ignore this message by click the OK button.

  12. The newly added door accessibility will be listed in the Door Accessibility Setup menu.

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  • Summary: Door Accessibility can be setup by setting door and its Time Zone. This article contains steps to configure Door Accessibility.
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  • [Elvan Lim]: xPortal2007 all door/panel show door? 31-12-2015 04:43 PM #


    Transaction Server Activity list

    show all door/panel show (door???)

  • [Microengine ]: Re: xPortal2007 all door/panel show door? 04-01-2016 09:39 AM#

    Hi Mr. Elvan Lim,

    Kindly check your door setup. Make sure the unit number is correct. You may refer to this article

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