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Wiring connection diagram for XP-SR200K
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This article contains the wiring connection diagram for XP-SR200K.

Applies To:

  • XP-SR200K   
 Resolution Summary

  1. Please connect all wiring connection according to the wiring diagram provided.
  2. Connect the Reader to a functional relay board (MAS-RB) or power lock relay unit (MAS-RB2).
    1. Please check that the Relay Board is producing power.
  3. Upon completed the wiring connection, please power ON the Reader by connecting it to the power supply with 12Vdc, 3A.


Wiring connection diagram for XP-SR200KN in Standalone Mode

  1. Make sure the terminal output from MAS-RB to lock is producing correct voltage level. 
    1. To measure the voltage level at terminal output of MAS-RB, connect the Multimeter's Red Probe to the L/NC and Black Probe to the L/RET.

      When door security status is ON, the EM Lock should be in locked condition.

      » The voltage measured at terminal L/NC and L/RET showed is about 12V (±10 %)

      When door security status is OFF, the EM Lock should be in unlocked condition (Door released).
      » The voltage measured at terminal L/NC and L/RET approximately +12Vdc (±10 %)

  2. After completed the wiring connection above, please power ON the reader by connecting it to a power supply with 12Vdc, 3A.
  3. Make sure the EM Lock is released when pressing the exit button. LED on the MAS-RB will turned on when EM Lock is released.
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  • Summary: This article contains the wiring connection diagram for XP-SR200K.
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Comments 2
  • [intan]: programming mode for XP-SR200K 12-01-2018 12:39 PM #

    i would like to have a programming mode for MicroEngine XP-SR200K.

  • [Microengine ]: Re: programming mode for XP-SR200K 19-01-2018 10:17 AM#

    Hi Intan,

    Kindly get the information from this article.

    Programming instructions for XP-SR200K:


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