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How to delete the fingerprint template from the xPortal software?
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This article contains steps to delete existing fingerprint template from the xPortal software.

Applies To:

  • XP-GT1200L/ XP-GT3200L
  • XP-GT1200LABX/ XP-GT3200LABX
  • XP-GT3200LE
  • XP-GT3200LCPX
  • XP-GT500LE
  • Software xPortal2005 v1.2 and above
  • Software xPortal2007
  • Software xPortalNet
  • Software xPortal3000     
› How to delete existing fingerprint template from the software?
 Unable to add fingerprint and display the fingerprint already exist.
 To remove the fingerprint because the finger print template is no longer in used.

 Incorrect fingerprint template assigned to the incorrect card number.

 Resolution Summary

You can delete the user's fingerprint template before installing the template from software in order to ensure both template data in the controller and software is consistent. 

 Make sure the staff records already exists in the software to allow deletion from there. Then follow steps below accordingly.

 See AA-00239 to learn how to delete template at the controller.


Please follow the steps as described below to delete user’s template from the software:

Warning! All templates of the selected user will be removed from the controller when the Delete Template Command is sent by using software.

  1. Login to xPortal Client. Make sure controller is "Up".
  2. Open the Send Card Setting menu. (Go to Device Comm> Send User Setting)
  3. The menu as below will be shown.
    1. Check the Door Controller which you wish to delete the users' template.  
    2. Uncheck "All Card" and set "Card Holder Selection" if the software user wants to delete template for the selected user only.
    3. The fingerprint database will be cleaned in case the software user checks "All Card".
    4. Click Delete Template button.

  4. The software will automatically send the Delete Template Command to the selected door controller.
  5. After finished sending the command, it will display a delivery report of data being sent. 

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  • Summary: This article contains steps to delete existing fingerprint template from the xPortal software.
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