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How to get the fingerprint template from the controller and store/ backup the data into the software?
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This article contains steps to get the fingerprint template from the controller. Then saved the template into the software.

Applies To:

  • XP-GT1200L/ XP-GT3200L
  • XP-GT1200LABX/ XP-GT3200LABX
  • XP-GT3200LE
  • XP-GT3200LCPX
  • XP-GT500LE
  • Software xPortal2005 v1.2 and above
  • Software xPortal2007
  • Software xPortalNet
  • Software xPortal3000     

 How to back up and store the FingerPrint into xPortal software database?
› Fingerprint template is not downloaded to the software.
 Failed to re-install the Fingperprint template from xPortal software to controller.


› The transaction in software shows "Wrong Finger Print".
› The transaction in software shows "Invalid Finger Print Access".
› No data to send when click to install/ send Fingerprint template to controller.
 The LCD display shows "Unknown Fingerprint" when user want to access the door.
 The LCD display shows "FingerPrint Verification Fail!" when want to access the door.
 Empty of existing database of result found in the Fingerprint template details in staff record.

 Cause (optional)

 Fingerprint template not downloaded to the software. 

 Resolution Summary

 If the software user want to get a user’s template from the controller:

  1. The user must enrol his/ her fingerprint template at any GT controller.
    » See AA-00236 to learn how to enrol finger print at the controller. 

  2. Then retrieve the template’s data from the controller using "Get template" command in xPortal Client software.
  3. The user's Fingerprint template will be copied from the Fingerprint controller to the software database accordingly. 


To retrieve/ get users' template from a controller, please perform the steps as below:

  1. Login to xPortal Client. Make sure controller status is "Up".
  2. Open the Send Card Setting menu. (Go to Device Comm> Send User Setting)
  3. The menu as below will be shown.
    1. Select the Door Controller which the software user wants to retrieve the users' template from.
      (Only one controller is permitted)
    2. Uncheck "All Card" and set "Card Holder Selection" if only template for the selected users need to be retrieved. 
    3. Otherwise just select "All Card" to retrieve all staff's fingerprint template.
    4. Click Get Template button.

  4. The software will automatically send the Get Template Command to the selected Door Controller.

  5. After retrieving all the settings, it will display a delivery report of data being sent.

  6. Click Close to dismiss the report window. A summary of communication retrieval result will be displayed.

  7. Click Close to dismiss the report. A Get Template Retrieval Result will be displayed. 
  8. See AA-00235 for further elaboration on Get Template Retrieval Result window.

  9. Choose the template that you are going to update. If you wish to update all template, just check the "Overwrite All" checkbox. 
    Warning! Clicking "Overwrite All" will overwrite existing template to the newly retrieved templates.

  10. Click OK to save the changes. 
  11. The new result being displayed will be reflected if you check or uncheck any "Overwrite" checkbox.
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  • Summary: This article contains steps to get the fingerprint template from the controller. Then saved the template into the software.
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